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Construction Machine

A huge selection of quality construction machinery
at a competitive price.

Indistrual Machine

Blasting machine, resurfacer or sander, we offer tailor-made solutions and equipment at the cutting edge of technology.

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We control the quality of the entire supply chain. Our rates are simple and transparent.

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Provide the raw materials and components necessary for production, while being consistent in quality and quantity.

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Our main concern is customer satisfaction and, to achieve this, we must master transportation.

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The management and organization of stocks is an essential lever for the proper functioning of a warehouse: the entire supply chain depends on it.

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About us

Quality is our promise to customers. To ensure the quality and reliability of our products, we use the world's most advanced technologies and manufacturing equipment. We also have a site with a team of experts for Assembly, Maintenance, Storage and the availability of spare parts in our stock. We can also supply after the merger and acquisition of Schwing, Fluitronics and AMCA parts such as hydraulic cylinders, pumps, valves, motors, transmissions and axles up to complete machines.

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