We have the most complete product line in the world and we offer to our customers the perfect solutions of construction equipment.

About us

SUPERGROS is one of the largest distributors of construction machinery and equipment. With over 20 years of experience, SUPERGROS now has the most complete product line in the world. Now, With its Exclusive Distribution Partnership with Chinese giant XCMG which ranks as the 4th largest company in the global heavy equipment industry. We have exported construction machinery and equipment from Morocco to more than 21 countries in Africa. Currently, we have 4 sales and service centers across Africa, providing our customers with efficient and timely integrated services in the areas of sales, maintenance and spare parts, as well as support complete technique. Our mission is to explore engineering technology and provide solutions for global construction and sustainable development.

SUPERGROS-XCMG construction machinery covers a wide range of equipment, including:

  • Cranes

    A lifting and handling device reserved for heavy loads. This lifting device is constructed differently depending on its use. Each crane has a chart which clearly defines its lifting capacity in relation to the radius and angle of the boom.

  • Heavy equipment

    The choice of earthmoving machines is important because earthwork is a crucial step in any site. They consist in modifying the relief of a terrain by moving large quantities of material, by creating backfill or cuttings.

  • Road machinery

    SUPERGROS offers a complete category of road construction machinery. We have a range of very specialized, high-performance equipment adapted to the needs of the sites.

  • Excavators

    Machines fitted with equipment intended for loosening, picking up, transporting or dumping earth, stones and other materials.

  • Concrete machinery

    Concrete is essential on construction sites, SUPERGROS offers many materials for its manufacture, delivery, pouring and other means of implementation.

  • Exploration machinery

    Our vehicles have components with high performance and reliability for the various fields of operation (Mining, Forestry, Agriculture, Energy, Marine, etc.).

  • Piling machinery

    A machine which adopts heavy slewing bearing and has high stability, with strong power, which is enough to satisfy customer.

  • Lumber machinery

    Construction begins with the right professional machines. SUPERGROS offers the ideal solution for virtually every application. A complete range of machines is at your disposal and offers you robustness, power and efficiency.

  • Fire fighting machinery

    Designed to intervene quickly in difficult environments, these machines also provide protection for people in the event of a very risky intervention.